Panoramas with Hugin

I recently got introduced to a neat bit of sofware for creating panoramas called Hugin, and best of all it’s cross platform and open source which means I can use it on my MacBook.

The basic idea is you take a bunch of photos (remember to lock the exposure and make sure about 25% of the images overlap with each other), then load them into Hugin. Next you select a number of control points – points the are the same in each of the images so Hugin knows how to merge the images together. Finally you can optimise the transformation and perform any cropping to the panorama and then let Hugin work it’s magic.

Here are some panoramas that I’ve created using Hugin on OS X:

Salou, Spain Panorama by uk_dave, on FlickrGreenstead, Colchester Panorama by uk_dave, on FlickrDover Castle Panorama by uk_dave, on Flickr

I grabbed the latest svn build of Hugin 0.7 from and a copy of autopana-sift to automatically select control points in the panorama images.